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"Enjoy Life From a Higher Consciousness"

Thank you for visiting my site and a warm welcome to you!  I am a professional Spiritual Medium and Intuitive. My journey started as a child and throughout the years each stepping stone has brought me into this special space of now.  These unique abilities have developed great opportunities & passion towards helping individuals reconnect; revealing purposeful messages while strengthening the mind, body, and soul.

My spirit guides and I are eager to assist and together, we will journey into the light, communicate among the spiritual realm and dwell in God's universal unconditional love.  This is such an exciting time for connection and​ ​abundance, so are you ready?  Get in touch by scrolling down - available services​ &​ rates are listed ​below ​along with contact information​ and​ appointment scheduling.  We greatly appreciate your time and thrilled you are here!


Please be advised that spiritual sessions or guidance of any kind given by Maegan Coker are for your personal guidance only. Any insight given is for your personal information and your sole responsibility when making choices or decisions. Any session is subject to your own interpretation. Sessions, guidance, or workshop classes are not a substitute for any professional services such as, but not limited to: counseling, legal, medical, or financial advisory. Sessions with Maegan Coker are personal and strictly confidential; client information will not be shared with any party without the client's consent.



It is through my personal salvation and relationship with Jesus Christ that I have been called to serve. My spiritual gifts give me the ability to see and hear spiritual beings, translate divine messages, read auras, and sense emotions & energies from others. Through this celestial connection, I am able to deliver guidance from the divine and loved ones.

In my eyes, we are all equal, connected, divinely loved and protected. Regardless of religion, nationality, or belief: together we serve a higher calling for the common good with our spiritual gifts as stated in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 (NIV). By this awareness with dedicated practice, we have the opportunity to enjoy life from a higher consciousness.

Before each scheduled appointment, I will protect our space by praying, meditating, and connecting with the Holy Spirit and spirit guides. Together we will provide you with spiritual guidance that only pertains to your highest good and we look forward to meeting with you soon!

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"Enjoy Life From a Higher Consciousness"

As a professional Spiritual Medium and Intuitive, it's a blessing to share these abilities with all of my clients. 

A variety of my services are listed below, please select what best fits your needs and aspirations. We look forward to working with you soon!​

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FREE 10 Minute Consultation

Unsure?  Try a free ten minute consultation to discuss any questions, interests, and service​s that best fits your immediate needs.

Please understand this is not a live mediumship ​appointment​ and only an initial consultation to discuss client​'s​ needs.

Additional Information

Client Referrals

Have a family member or friend that you would like to refer?


All existing clients will receive $10 off their next 30 minute session or $20 off their next 60 minute session for a referral. 

Speaking Engagements 

Speaking engagements and virtual classes are a great way for Maegan to work with small, diverse groups or teams.  


Some of these benefits include creative inspirations when stuck, receiving directional guidance on issues at hand through channeled messages, or learning more about the use of spiritual gifts.

Please reach out to Maegan directly or fill out the web form for more information.




A popular option for clients wanting guidance on a few specific questions and who are able to experience connection with spiritual resources.

Virtual or telephone appointment options are available according to your comfort level.  



The most popular option for clients: deep sessions allow us to dive into your inner wellbeing, reveal purposeful resolutions, and provide a safe space for loved ones to reconnect.

Virtual or telephone appointment options are available according to your comfort level. 

New Home Spiritual Cleanse

Your home contains layers of residual energy (positive & negative) and if not cleansed...it can affect your daily life.  Over time, emotions from people's energies and interactions leave imprints on properties, or specific areas.  These imprints tend to create repeated cycles in time loops, potentially influencing emotions of the new inhabitants.

Upon moving into your new house, consider a spiritual cleanse to reset the energy foundation with removal of legacy energies and establishing new energy boundary lines.

Maegan Coker offers this service for move-ins (new homeowners) on single-family homes and handles each situation delicately.  Each process is customized for the client.  For additional information including pricing, please fill out the short web form below.




Ilana, United Kingdom 

I have had numerous readings with Maegan over the last few months and I am so glad that our paths have crossed.  Simply put, Maegan’s readings are incredibly accurate and conducted professionally while making you feel completely comfortable through the whole reading.  Maegan is a beacon of hope and positivity.  She radiates caring and kindness, both of which are rare today.  As a medium and intuitive, Meagan really is one of a kind.  I cannot recommend Maegan highly enough and would wholeheartedly advocate anyone who finds themselves hurting, curious and/or simply looking for understanding and comfort to seek her professional advice and guidance.


Julian, NY

Natalie and Carol just told me about their zoom meeting with you and wow that is some powerful stuff.  Thank you so so much for making that experience so special and monumental for them.  You really exceeded everyone's expectations and made it absolutely perfect.  Blessings to you and your family!!!

Mandy R., NY

While I am wholeheartedly a believer in the spirit world and life after death, I am extremely skeptical of who actually possess the unique gift to communicate with individuals who have passed on.  I had a reading with Maegan after she was recommended by someone I trust.  I was not disappointed! Maegan is even more beautiful inside than out (I know!  Hard to believe!!!) she has a way of making you feel comfortable and communicates with your past loved ones in a way that sheds all doubts and fears of life after death.  She proves to you through her mediumship that your loved ones are still with you, everyday, and they want you to live a beautiful life until you reconnect again.  For anyone feeling down, missing a loved one, or simply curious of what an experience with a medium is like - I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Maegan!  She is life changing! 

Melissa, USA

Thank you so much for the beautiful messages, they were on point and perfect for me to understand in order to move forward.  I so appreciate your work and the way you share the love.  You are such a bright light of positivity and kindness is a rare quality that is so needed right now.  Plus with the new techniques given, I will be able to advance within my own skillsets as I seek to bring healing for others and myself.  Thank you for helping me breakthrough my mental and emotional roadblocks!  You are the best! 

Jen B., CO

I'm grateful to have stumbled a crossed your Instagram profile and website.  Your posts and readings are exactly the situations that I have having to deal with along with all the emotional baggage.  I needed these friendly reminders to help me get back on right track, reset my heart and thoughts, and look hopeful for the future.  It's been a struggle for me these past few years and days and now with your divine guidance I was able to see the blessings amongst the chaos.  Thank you for time and care always!  You're a life saver and game changer! 


"Eventually, you will see. Everything is connected, therefore, mistakes no longer exist and your now was meant to be."​

~Maegan Coker, Spiritual Medium



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Thanks for visiting and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

Please be advised that session or guidance of any kind given by Maegan Coker are for your personal guidance only. Any insight given is for your personal information and your responsibility when making choices or decisions. A session or guidance sessions is subject to your own interpretation. Session, guidance, or workshop classes are not a substitute for any professional services such as, but not limited to: counseling, legal, medical, or financial. Sessions with Maegan Coker are personal and strictly confidential. Client information will not be shared with any party without the client's consent.

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